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Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC

Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC
Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC
Games GTA 2
Games GTA Grand Theft Auto 2 a video game that was released worldwide on October 25, 1999, by Developer DMA design (now Rockstar North), initially for the Windows operating system and PlayStation consoles. The game was also later programmed for Dreamcast console and the Game Boy Color. This is the sequel to the 1997 Grand Theft Auto. PC and Dreamcast versions of GTA2 are rated M by the ESRB.

About Games GTA Grand Theft Auto 2
GTA2 retained the overhead viewpoint of GTA, as well as the car-stealing/telephone-answering formula of the original. The player has the ability to explore cities on foot or in vehicles. The goal is to achieve a certain Score. Achieve this goal the player can then move on to the next level. Doing missions awards the player more points than any other method but it is not essential to complete the game.

A new feature introduced in GTA2 do missions for separate gangs, that there are two new gangs for each of the three levels of the game, and one faction that is present at all levels. Employed by one of the gang can lead to mistrust of other people (working for the gang # 1 will incur the wrath of the gang # 2, worked for the gang # 2 would cause feuds with the gang # 3 and so on). In the original GTA, only local police are pursuing the players.

In GTA2, SWAT teams (4 Copheads) are introduced in the city centre, while special agent (5 Copheads) and Army (6 Copheads) are introduced in the residential and industrial areas. Additional types of law enforcement began pursuing the players as he wants to raise the level of or. Wanted level is represented by the image of the Chief of police, and vary between versions of Windows and PlayStation.

GTA2 introduced an improved saving technique, not as GTA1, which saved only when finishing a town. If a player enters a church with $ 50,000, a voice announced Hallelujah! Another soul saved!. It tells the player that the game had been saved. If the player does not have enough money, the voice will say a curse! No donation, no salvation!. This message is not being heard on the PlayStation version.

Other improvements relating to the activities of the city. Passing vehicles and pedestrians no longer cosmetic parts of the environment, but actually plays a role in gameplay. Sometimes pedestrians would occasionally enter and take a taxi or bus.

The game is notable because of the behavior of non-player characters. Pedestrians, gang members and the police will sometimes engage in a fight, and there are other carjackers (green sweater) and villains (red sweater with white sleeve) in the city.

This game introduces 'side missions' such as a taxi driver, bus driver, and the driver semi-truck along with taking a ' hidden ' packages (GTA2 badges) or Wang cars (playing on the ' wankers '), and the health meter. A taxidriver would earn roughly $ 1 per second.

While still standing, passengers can get out if they want to, and income will stop. Wang cars only appears in the second district. They are also hidden and usually require players to take a severe amount of hops to achieve high-speed cars, some of them parked on top of a building.

Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC
Games GTA 2 Full
When the car arrives, the players gave birth in the car garage Wang, with the garagedoor collected the car light up. Collect all cars resulted in 8 bonus vehicles parked outside the garage. 

Among these are the cars that are prepared with oilslicks, machineguns and integrated a firetruck, living up to his name as its watercannon was replaced with a flamethrower.

Some weapons in GTA2 feature ' mission Kill Frenzy ' when picked up, where a player has a limited amount of time to kill a number of people with a particular weapon loaded. Bonus valued if the mission is successful.

Also if a player finds a tank and got in it ' mission Kill Frenzy ' also began, and finally at random parts of the city particularly parked cars, and if a player gets one he had killed people by running them or kill them with a sense of additional weapons that cars have.

Frenzy as possible to save it when having it. When the game is then reloaded, kill frenzy is over, but the nearly infinite ammo stays until that same weapon picked up or more than usual amount of ammunition allowed is wasted.

The PlayStation version of Grand Theft Auto 2 toned down from the PC version, with lower quotas for the number of kills needed in rampage style missions, and contains no voice acting in the saving interface. The port also includes a feature where the player car will explode after the player kills a large number of gang members.

Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC
Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC

One mission has also changed. Instead of tricking players into civilians entered the bus to drive them to the factory to be cannibalized meat processing, the victims are Hare Krishna gang members.

As with the original Grand Theft Auto and GTA London: 1969, the player receives bonuses for running a car over certain people without stopping or braking. A series of Elvis impersonator is sometimes seen walking. If a player can kill them in a short period of time, they are provided with big money bonus, followed by a bold words 'ELVIS has left the BUILDING'.

Games Mode  GTA 2 Grand Theft Auto
The city is divided into three levels, or 'District'. The first level, Downtown, is the center of business activity as well as the site of the mental hospital and the University. The second Area, Residential district, contains the city prison, a trailer park with an Elvis-themed bar dubbed "Disgracelands", a shopping mall, and a giant HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT. The third and final Area is the industrial area; It holds a large seaport, a meat packing plant, a nuclear power plant and a Krishna Temple.

Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC
Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC

The game can be played in two modes (only in the PC version), noon or dusk. During the bright lighting arrangement makes it clear the game for viewing (also reduces the overhead on low-end graphics hardware due to fewer lighting effects).

At the time of twilight game Setting is darker, with some dynamic lights from explosions and car headlights. The Dreamcast version of the game can only be played in settings at dusk. PlayStation games can only be played in daylight settings.

This feature is further developed in Grand Theft Auto III where the day changes with the time of day in the game.

Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC
Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC

Rockstar now offers the PC version as registerware for free download on their website with a free subscription to their mailing list.GTA2 was preceded by the original Grand Theft Auto and was succeeded by Grand Theft Auto III. 

The game was made available on steam on January 4, 2008, however it can only be purchased as part of a collection.

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Cpu: 1.4 Ghz
Ram: 256 Mb
Video Memory: 32 Mb
Window Xp,7,Vista

Free Download Games GTA 2 Full Version For PC


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