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Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC

Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC

Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC
Playboy The Mansion
Playboy the Mansion puts players in the role of Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine and Playboy Enterprises, referred to in the game as 'Hef'. The goal of this game is to build the Playboy Empire from scratch, starting from a humble magazine celebrity support for home entertainment to Internet sites for merchandise.

The player can mold the famed Playboy Mansion for their own needs and wants, and have the option to experience the famous Playboy Playmate parties in locations such as caves and Clubhouse. HEF, as well as all the other characters in the game, can build three types of relationships with other characters: casual, business, and romantic.

Each month, the player must print editions of the magazine. To do that the player needs a cover shoot, a CENTERFOLD, an essay from a celebrity, interview with a celebrity, pictures about a subject, and an article about the subject.

The player must hire photographers and writers to create any problems. All characters have an interest, like sports and music, and author on the topic will produce high quality articles.

In the game, the player was a photographer during a photoshoot. The game contains many sexual references, including sexual intercourse. There are twelve missions in total. Some of the goals include making or fixing relationships with people, publishing certain magazine content, and throw parties.

The player can also choose not to reach a goal, as there are no time restrictions, and do other things like parties, mansion renovations and playing with the House's various games; However, the magazine should continue to be published as players ' total revenue sources.

About Playboy The Mansion
Mansion has 22 the wine, including a warehouse the game, the zoo and cemetery and related aviary ( pet ) a tennis court, waterfalls and pool area ( and barbecue area, including a terrace a cave sauna and bathhouse ). This feature and others was shown on television.

Game room (home game) is a separate building on the north side of the property. From the fountain in front of the main entrance, there are two sidewalks, walking past the wishing-well. The sidewalk on the right leads to the home games and walked past a Hollywood star Hefner. 

Front entrance opens to a game room with a pool table in the Center. This room has vintage and modern arcade games, pinball machines, player piano, jukebox, television, stereo, and couch.

Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC
Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC

The game House has two wings. Left is the room with the soft cushion floor, mirrors all around, television. There is a toilet with shower. The right-wing House games have a smaller restroom, and went into the room.

These rooms are connected to another bed, who has come out into the backyard of the House games. The House has a backyard game with lounge chairs, and gates on either side.

Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC
Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC

Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC
Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC

In 2010, Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend Izabella St. James, in her memoir "Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion", wrote that the house was in need of renovation: "Everything in the Mansion felt old and stale, and Archie the house dog would regularly relieve himself on the hallway curtains, adding a powerful whiff of urine to the general scent of decay.

The House is a reflection of the Mansion layout, only smaller. Hefner purchased the neighboring building in 1996 and it is home to his wife Kimberley Conrad and separate their children together. Hefner and Conrad married in 1989 and separated in 1998. According to the Wall Street Journal, Hefner and his wife announced in March 2009 that they list a home for sale in Hefner $ US28 million.

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System Requirement
Pentium III 800MHz Processor
32MB DirectX compatible Video Card with Hardware T&L
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9.0
1.5GB Hard Disk Space
Game Size: 210 MB

How to Install:
1. Unpack file
2. Click mythpbtm.exe
3. Wait process
4. Play The Game C:/Playboy the Mansion
5. Enjoy

Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC

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Download Games Playboy The Mansion For PC