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Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version

Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version
Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version
God of War 2
Free Download Games God of War 2 - God of War Gameplay focuses on combo based combat, the player's main weapon is accomplished through the Blades of chaos and a secondary weapon obtained later. The game features quick time events that require the player to solve a wide variety of game controller action in a sequence of timed to defeat enemies and bosses. Players use magical attacks and four times the power that increases the ability of the alternatives. This game also have boxed your items and puzzles.

In June 2012, the game has sold over 4.6 million copies worldwide. Reviewers say God of War is one of the best action adventure game for the PlayStation 2, and has won several awards ' Game of the Year '. In 2009, entertainment website IGN named God of War PlayStation 2 game seven-at best.

In addition to its gameplay, God of War has been highly valued for graphics, sound, presentation, and story. The game and its sequel, the first Lord of War II, remastered and released in 2009 as part of the God of War collection, and in 2012, in a remastered version was released as part of the God of war Saga, both for PlayStation 3 (PS3). The game was released on the 2010 Affair and the film adaptation has been in development since 2005.

God of War is a third-person action adventure video game developed by the Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). The game was released on March 22, 2005, for the PlayStation 2 (PS2). This is the first installment in the series of the same name and the second chronologically.

The game is loosely based on the mythology of Greece and is located in the ancient Greece, with a vengeance as motives. The player controls the protagonist Kratos, a Spartan warriors who serve the gods of Olympus. Athena tasks by killing Kratos Ares, God of War, Kratos, who is responsible for killing his family. purpose Like Ares laid siege to Athens from hatred to Athens, Kratos embarks on a quest to find an object capable of stopping the God: the legendary Pandora's box. Success, Kratos succeeds as new Ares God of War.

Kratos is a soldier who serves greek god olympus. Flashbacks revealed that he ever captain successful in the spartan army and cause the guy several times before being defeated by a king barbarous. Face death, kratos calling for god of war, ares, who dijanjikannya serving if god would reserve the person and give strength to destroy their enemy. Ares agree and bound blades mess, a pair of chained knife forged in depth tartarus of his servant new. Kratos, furnished with a knife, then decapitate king barbarous.

Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version
Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version

Kratos he waged on the orders of Ares, eventually leading to an attack on a village occupied by the slaves of Athens. Ares has been secretly transported Kratos ' his wife and son to the village; during a frenzied attack on his temple, Kratos accidentally killing them.

Although Ares believes this legislation will deliver a perfect Warrior Kratos, a Spartan even reject his promise of slavery to God. Oracle destroyed villages doomed by his family ties to abu Kratos died to his skin, turning it gray-white and get her name, ghost of Sparta. Plagued by nightmares from his deed terrible, Kratos vowed to serve other gods hope clean up her vision.

When the game starts, Kratos has served the gods for ten years. He killed the Hydra on behalf of Poseidon, but grew tired of service and suffering. He called Athens, stating that if Kratos did one last act of the murder of Ares, he will be forgiven for killing his family.

Ares is waging a war against the city of Athens from the hatred and jealousy of his younger brother, the Athenians set Kratos to destroy Ares because Zeus has forbidden divine intervention. Athens Guide Kratos to Athens war torn. After meeting with the gravedigger who encouraged him to continue his duties, Kratos battles its way to Athens, the oracle she is weird, and learned that the only way to defeat Ares is to Pandora's box, the mythical artifact that gives the power to kill Gods.

Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version
Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version

Kratos enters the desert of lost souls, and Athena tells Pandora's box is hidden in a temple that is chained to the back of the Titan Cronos punishment by Zeus Cronos ' role in the great war. Kratos call Cronos, climbing over three days before reaching the entrance of the temple, overcoming a series of deadly traps and monsters, and finally found the box. But Ares, aware of his former success, kill Kratos as the latter is leaving the temple. While the harpies took the Ares, Kratos falls into hell.

He fought his way through a fiery region, and with the help of the mysterious, the gravedigger who told Athens is not the only God who supervises him, he escapes and returns to Athen.

Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version
Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version

Kratos recovers Pandora's box from Ares, open and use the power to become like God. Although Ares ' best efforts to destroy Kratos physically and mentally, including stripping her Blades of chaos and all the magic, he survived and killed Ares with a knife of the gods.

Athens is saved, and though his sins forgiven Athens saying Kratos, the gods cannot rid him his nightmares. Abandoned by the gods, she tried to commit suicide by casting herself into the Aegean Sea, but Athena intervenes and transports him to Mount Olympus. As a reward for his services to the gods, she gives Kratos with a new set of blades and the seat as the new God of War.

Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version
Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version

Kratos the main weapon is the blades of chaos: a pair of blades chains attached to that are wrapped around the ' kratos wrists. The blades can be swung around attack loan to enemies. Later in the games he acquires a secondary weapon, called the blade of artemis a separate, large offers combat sword that alternative options ( e.g., although slower its weak enemies attacks can easily cut in half ).

Kratos learns to use up to four magical abilities, such as ' zeus the fury that allows him to throw lightning bolts for better range in giving him a variety of ways to attack and kill enemies. In the section of the pandora ' s temple dedicated to poseidon he called the obtains a relic poseidon, ' s trident which lets him breathe, underwater a necessary concern the ability of the us require long periods of time there. kratos acquires a special ability called, fury of the gods which provides him with temporary invulnerability and attack increased damage.

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System requirements
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista/Win 7
Processor: Core 2 Quad with a frequency of 2.5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video card:-ATI X1300 1 GB or higher
Free disk space: 7 GB
Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
Controls: keyboard mouse

Free Download Games God of War 2 Full Version


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