Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Free Download PC Games WorldCup Cricket 20-20

Good afternoon my friend wherever you are. See you with my post back in a new game and fun to play. Before I share the game, I asked my friend all ya news, how are you today? I hope you are all doing well in the circumstances. I am also grateful fine in good condition. Dude, how the weather where my friend? If the weather where I was very sunny and hot, but in a gentle breeze accompanied, so delicious despite the heat. Activity buddy all also how? smoothly right? there is no obstacle? hopefully the buddy all such expectations. If the current activity, all too well the plan today, is not it mate? This hot afternoon I will share a sports game called Cricket WorldCup 20-20. This game is a PC game. Okay buddy just, I will discuss sesikit about this game. 

Game WorldCup Cricket 20-20 is a cricket sports game. In this game my friend can pick 16 favorite team is the best team of international, also played in 16 stadiums around the world. World Cup cricket 20-20 is published by Indiagames. This game there are four options in play, namely: training, quick match, exhibition, and a world cup tournament. Take the pitch at the end of the season in a 20-20 cricket competition addictive 3D. The graphics are also very clear. 

How my friend all about my explanation in this game. Immediately download and play your heart's content, do not forget to invite relatives, friends, friends, and family. remember ya buddy if playing a game, play in your spare time, there was no significant activity. The main one is studying for a bright future. Happy downloading

Monday, July 21, 2014

Free Download International Tennis Pro for PC Games

Good afternoon my friend - my best friend in the whole world, what is said ya? Definitely not okay? Post I am back again with my friend game for the lovers of the game. Friend, the weather here is very sunny, bright as my heart hee. Because it can make a post without a hitch, thank God, I am grateful. Friend, must also often be thankful, because it has been given a health and comfortable life. If my friend is ill, the disease may be removed. Friend, we are back to the weather yes. The weather was sunny and hot, but it felt good on you know, because it is accompanied breeze. Weather like that is what I love today hee dude you activity solid or mediocre? accomplish if a lot of work, rest if not a lot of work. And remember my friend do positive activities, which do not harm yourself and others. 

Friend, this afternoon I shared a post game sports, the game of tennis. Anyone who likes sports, this game must be downloaded indirectly. My pal rarely share sports games. This pc game titled International Tennis Pro. Okay 'I'll tell you a little about the Tennis Pro. The game is directly against the cpu, opponent can we set. Want the easy, medium, hard, and expert. How? sounds cool instead. 

Come on buddy game download games of this sport, not to be missed. Invite relatives, friends, friends, and family to download and play it as you please. Happy downloading! 

Minimum System Requirements: Os: windows xp / 2000 / vista / 7 CPU: Pentium 4 @ 1,5 ghz processor Ram: 512 mb Hard drive: 250 MB free Video memory: 64 mb Sound Card: compatible Direx Dirext: 9.0

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Free Download Stormfall Age Of War PC Games

Good afternoon my friends who are in the whole world. What's up you today?good, not? My own here also is well of course. And I am grateful that God gave me health, so I can be distributed games that call for you. I will also not disappoint you, which has always been traveling in my blog. Once, the weather in my place heavy-and-a-half day this summer, because his mouth plus, there is a heavy heat and a little bit, especially kalua cold nights. Once How to sea in place? Once, and what of Energi Susu today, very dense or ordinary? "Any activities, we hope that it can be useful for other people. My friends around the world I will distribute a game that was interesting, of course' because on blogs afrixgames game-game is very interesting and fun, not to be so Once? And Once I did not elaborate, I will tell about a little bit about games that I will give away. 

This game titled Stormfall Age Of War. This game is playing pc background fantasy, the world that is beautiful, the sharp, and your battle that are ready to play. Once the First have to build a construction needed,namely: animal husbandry, miners, and the houses to accommodate such as: iron, gold, and enough food for the soldiers. Once also will recruit soldiers and listen to the Grand Marshall. Grand Marshall is eyes and ears on the battlefield. Once And will be ready to do battle. Have a good fight. Once, How exciting it is not, that is why we do not to be left behind. Immediately download as soon as possible, so that you can play grape pickers your heart. 

Don't forget to invite your friends, relatives, friends and family. Once the button Remember download above and below articles, But download alternative. Congratulations download.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Free Download Emergency 2014 for PC Games

Good afternoon my friend all around the world, we meet again with me in a state of spirit and always in the shadow of God amen. What about my friend all the news, whether in good health. I pray everything is in good health, and although there are sick amen May God lift his illness. Dude in this hot afternoon, allow me to share a game that is certainly exciting and interesting, just in this game is very exciting afrixgames-deh exciting and interesting. So my friend do not miss, Hurry to download your heart's content. Friend, how about your activities this day, very solid?, Or mediocre? Whatever activity you all, may always be beneficial to everyone around.

Okay, my friend is not at length. Today I will share the game entitled Emergency 2014 For those who like a challenge this is a great game to play. A game that can not be separated with pertmpuran. I'll review a little about this game. Emergency 2014 is a fighting game that we must be cautious, because the attack on the opponent's attack on the town and beloved country. Therefore, man must set the strategy is to mobilize teams of experts such as police, soldiers, special forces, and firefighters. By deploying teams of experts of our defense is very strong, so that the state of our city is very safe or in control. And masyarakatpun comfortable.

How buddies with my little story. Curious buddy, so hurry and immediately download the game. So that you too can share the game with other game lovers. Do not forget to invite relatives, friends, and companions all to download at afrixgames. Congratulations mendownlod! 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Free Download Games Ship Simulator (Maritime Search and Rescue)

Good afternoon my friend wherever you are. How are you today? Hopefully you guys doin fine. My news here is also fine, of course, I still continue to share the games interesting and exciting. The main ones can be downloaded easily. Friend, in the afternoon the weather where I am is very bright at all, not like the last four hee. If the activity of the more densely take some time to relax for a while, with downloading and playing it. Remember my friend use this game just with your spare time, do not play to lose track of time. Learning important thing, because to achieve a bright future. Okay 'friends! 

Well today I will share an interesting game to played, the game is titled Ship Simulator (Maritime Search and Rescue). This game is perfect with my friend who likes the sea or even marine child. The game graphics are also very good friends. Okay, I will review some of these games. In this game, my friend will be in control of a ship captain. Buddy also must be reliable captain, because in many ocean winds and waves that roll. 

How are you curious friends? When curiosity immediately download this game as soon as possible. Do not forget to invite your friends, relatives, family to download. Welcome friends to download.